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How to communicate with patients

How to choose and write Rx

How to select the right diagnoses

How to perform case presentation

Quick guide to prep for visits

How to prepare for your first day

How to find GREAT preceptors

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Nervous about your upcoming NP clinical rotations? This mini-course will prepare you for the forthcoming clinical rotation so you can survive and thrive to impress your preceptor and potential future employers!

FNP Clinical Thrival Kit

Clinical prep


How to write a cover letter

How to write a resume

How to choose the right job

When and how to look for NP jobs

Process of getting license as an NP

How to study for a certification exam

Which certification exam to choose

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Feeling overwhelmed and wanting to avoid thinking of starting working as an actual nurse practitioner? This step-by-step, 4-module program will teach you everything you need to know as a new grad nurse practitioner to supercharge your amazing career!🚀

New Grad Career Accelerator

Start your career with clarity and focus!

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