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Overcome your uncertainty and fear of adapting to the nurse practitioner role
with our comprehensive step-by-step guide to supercharge your amazing career!

From uncertain student to confident nurse practitioner

New Grad Career Accelerator

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We see you. We know you’ve worked very hard to get good grades for your clinical and didactic courses as your nurse practitioner program expected you to do, but you still have no idea how to start working as a nurse practitioner.

You've searched the internet for how-tos and asked around, but you feel nervous about whether you can find a job and become a competent NP.

Bottom line: You are looking for a fantastic nurse practitioner job that pays well, is fulfilling, and allows you to enjoy your time off.

Schools don't teach students how to build a career as a nurse practitioner

You finished an NP what?

We know exactly how it feels...because we've been there before!

  • Feeling confused on where I should start on being certified and licensed as a nurse practitioner
  • Uncertain of how and when should I look for my first nurse practitioner job
  • Unsure of how you should look for jobs that sets me up on the right path to build a life-giving career?
  • Feeling overwhelmed about the new role as a nurse practitioner
  • Getting anxious about seeing patients as a nurse practitioner

if these sound familiar...

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It's not a generic career advising program. It's made for and made by nurse practitioners based on real-life experiences.

Made for NP

This isn’t a quick tip to get any job. The program is designed to help nurse practitioners build a strong foundation for their careers, find the right first job, and achieve a fulfilling career. 

Build a career

This is a 4-module program to help you transform from a nervous student to a confident nurse practitioner by giving clarity on how to start and build a strong nurse practitioner career.

4 modules

New Grad Career Accelerator Program

Step-by-step tutorial

  • When and how to search for jobs
  • Residency/fellowship programs vs getting an NP job right away
  • How to choose your first NP job to achieve your career goal

Module 3: Preparing job applications
Module 4: Adapting to the np role
  • Resume vs CV?
  • How to prep a powerful resume
  • How to prep cover letters
  • Who should be on your reference list
  • How to prep for interviews to stand out

  • Learn a new role as an NP
  • How to build a good partnership with your colleagues
  • How to build a solid patient panel
  • How to manage stress to avoid burnout
  • Malpractice insurance
Module 2: Deciding on how to start your NP career
  • Overview of the process to be able to practice as an NP
  • Deciding which organization you should get NP certification from
  • When and how to study for an NP certification exam

Module 1: How to get certified & licensed as an NP

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New Grad Career accelerator

What's Inside New Grad Career Accelerator?

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  • Save your time by simply using the format
  • The contents are made specifically for nurse practitioners

Bonus #3  Extra lesson on coding

  • A quick tutorial on how to code to reflect your productivity

Bonus #2  sample resume for NP

  • A one-time purchase will give you lifetime access to the course materials

Bonus #1  Lifetime access

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Get the freedom of choice in your career and lifestyle!

I worked really hard to get good grades in my nurse practitioner program and graduated top of my class. But when I started my new job as an independent clinician, I felt like a fish out of water.

My school never taught us how to job hunt, so I tried different methods and messed up a lot, like when my employer asked me how much I wanted to get paid, and I said, "I don't know" (worst response ever, by the way!). 

When I saw other nurse practitioner students struggling with the same issue, I decided to teach them my tried-and-tested real-life methods. Now, they can start their careers without stress and make time for self-care.

Despite being a foreign-trained nurse, I'm living my best life and even won the State Award for Excellence from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners while traveling around the world every quarter.

Your hard work deserves a fulfilling and well-paying career. This program helps you start a nurse practitioner career with clarity and focus.

Your hard work deserves a fulfilling and well-paying career. This program helps you start a nurse practitioner career with clarity and focus.

I know how frustrating this is because I’ve been there, too.

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You could look for similar information online, but the majority of the information is generic and not specific to nurse practitioners. This program is made for and by nurse practitioners based on real-life experiences.

WHy should I take this program?


Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner you start planning on job hunting, the better you will be prepared, so this is also highly recommended for students.


A one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to the course, so you can rewatch modules as needed.

HOw long do I have a access?

Instead of wasting your time searching for reliable information, trying random methods, and making mistakes on your own (like I did!), this program helps you focus on what matters to build a strong career foundation.

Making this one-time investment will not only assist you in securing your first nurse practitioner job, but it will also create a strong foundation for your career, paving the way for reaching your professional goals, such as getting high-paying positions and achieving an optimal work-life balance.

DO I really need this?

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