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This is why so many new-grad NPs feel insecure about their skills, are afraid of making mistakes, and second-guess whether this path is right for them. 

  • Feel bad about themselves that they don't know how to apply their knowledge to actual practice (e.g. reading imaging reports, choosing appropriate diagnoses and prescriptions)
  • Working late and finishing work on their days off because they don't know how to efficiently see patients and finish notes
  • Stressing and feeling overworked and second-guessing if they made the right career decision

But many NP programs don't help you prepare enough for real-life healthcare practice.

We all want to feel confident,
love our NP job
& enjoy our life


Miki has helped American and international students to achieve their dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner in the U.S.

Going from having difficulty of understanding English and building her nursing career from a scratch in a foreign country to becoming one of the best nurse practitioners in the U.S., Miki has becoming a leading career/lifestyle coach in building a life-giving career.


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Join our exclusive group of international nurses and learn how to build an amazing nurse practitioner career in the U.S. together.

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Miki Miura is an award-winning family nurse practitioner in Hawaii, a lecturer for various universities and organizations in the U.S. and Japan, a preceptor for nurse practitioner students, and a preceptor training instructor.

Miki is the recipient of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners State Award for Excellence. With ten years of experience as a nurse practitioner and an expert in clinical education, Miki is a leading career/lifestyle mentor for nurse practitioners.

With her unique background as a foreign-trained nurse, she has also helped numerous international nurses advance their nursing careers in the U.S. over the last  13 years.

As a mentor, Miki can help any nurses, nurse practitioner students, and nurse practitioners who feel insecure about their skills, anxious to get into real-world health care and want to build a fantastic job and get the freedom of choice in their lives and have fulfilling careers and lives.

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